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Our Services

We Provide Year Round Premium Services 

We understand how life can get incredibly busy. It is our sole responsibility to make sure your pet is given the care they deserve, and we know you want.

Daily Dog Walking OR 30 Minute Runs

Our most popular service is dedicated to the working class pup. We offer 30 minute walks during your work day that fits your schedule. Designed for the busy professional, working parents or anyone that needs an extra hand- let us make your life easier and your pup happier! We charge for either 1 dog OR Multiple Pets***

 Price $27.50(One)/$35(Multiple) -  30 Min walk 

$38.50(One)/$45(Multiple) - 45 Min Exercise walk

$49.50(One)/$55(Multiple) 1 Hour Premium Walk

30 minute Runs $38.50 

Drop-In Visits  + Cat Care

Does your pet need a quick potty break or snack during your busy work day? We can ensure your pet never goes without meals, bathroom breaks, or medications. This quick service is designed for the pup that doesn't need extended exercise, but more of a quick bathroom break and human hello.


$22/one dog $25 (Multiple Dogs)

$22/per visit (1 Cat) $30 (Multiple Cats) 

(included litter box cleanings)

Overnight Care 

Designed for the traveling pet owner, Golden Leash Pet Care offers overnight care for your pups! Travel with ease knowing that your pet is safe, healthy, and happy. We provide care from 6pm-8pm -8am plus additional check-in visits during the work day every 3-4 hours depending on your pet's needs. We are happy to provide additional scheduled visits if needed.

If you pet struggles to be alone or boarding is stressful- this is the perfect option for them. Let your pup stay in the comfort of their home while they await your return! 

Price: $137.50/per night One Pet (ALL check-ins INCLUDED)

$150/per night Multiple Pets (ALL check-ins INCLUDED)

Additional Services 

Day Care Pick Up (Within 10 Miles)   - $30

Groomer/Vet Drop Off - $10

Groomer/Vet Stay for Appointment - $50

Bathing - $ 30

Cat Medication - $5 

Special Handling (Consultation Required)  - $10 


price list 1_1_23_edited.jpg

** We do not overbook our scheduled walks each day, so all cancellation and last minute changes we be subject to charging. 


Last Minute                                                    Within 24 Hours of Requested Service                                 $7.50

Weekend                                                           Saturday / Sunday                                                                          $10               

Major Holiday                                               All Major Holidays                                                                          $20      

Cancellation                                                   Within 12 Hours of Scheduled Service                                 $12.50

After Hours                                                     Friday 8pm - Monday 7am                                                          $10




What Makes Us So Special? 

Have Total Piece of Mind With Our Fully Automated Software

The Scout for Pet Parents mobile app provides a powerful tool to communicate their needs, stay informed, and feel confident their pets are in good hands. Scheduling, updates and easy payments are included for the busy pet parent. After each completed walk, the owner receives a map of the distance covered by the walker, an update on potty breaks + realtime pictures! 

A Few of our Proud PAW-tners 

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