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Introducing Our Newest Services

We are so excited to announce our newest services offered in 2024! Check out these additional services specially created for YOU, our most valued asset!

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 Introducing Our Newest Service:


Ring the Wedding Bells…


Wedding Day & Engagement Pet Transportation & Care!  


Would you love to have your 4-legged bestie at your Wedding or Engagement Photo Session but do not know where to start? Call us! We are incredibly excited to announce our newest service “Vows & Bow Wows” where we safely transport and handle your pet to your big event! We will work with any venue inside our service radius, and are willing to travel outside based on location and availability! Take the stress out of your planned event and hire us to handle the details. We are a group of trained Professionals in the Pet Care Industry and look forward to making your day extra magical with your pets included. We are offering multiple packages for Engagement photo sessions, Wedding day of transportation, and honeymoon in-home care. 


175+ 5 Star Google Reviews


Pet Care Professionals


Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded 


7+ Years of Experience

Are you looking to break up your pet’s routine and explore our local parks? Our newest “Tails on Trails” service is for you! We are provided blocks of time designated to pick up your pup and travel to local parks & trails for extended time. This is a huge benefit to enhance your pup’s mental stimulation, make exercise fun & let you pet release their “inner wild!” Please inquire to if you are interested in learning more information!!!


Who is this service the best fit for?


Any dog, really! But, specifically, the BarkingLotKOP offers a safe and secure place for dogs to embrace their off-leash freedom! This is a great opportunity for our GLPC pups who may struggle with dog-reactivity and cannot safely play at a dog park or who simply live in an apartment/town home without access to a yard. This is a great way for your dog to burn off some of that pent up energy that a leash walk just cannot always accomplish!


Why is a safe space for my dog to run around so important? Especially for a reactive dog?


In the words of veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Hauser of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates: "Physical and mental enrichment are important to help dogs diffuse their arousal, expend energy, and maintain their overall health. Physical exercise and mental enrichment can decrease cortisol levels, indicating a decrease in overall stress for a dog. A simple way to provide a dog with enrichment is to allow them to sniff on walks and in new environments because sniffing has been shown to lower heart rate and reduce cortisol in dogs. For dogs who react towards triggers on walks or are overwhelmed by a city environment, finding a private fenced-in space to let them run off leash when possible is recommended so they can practice natural off leash behaviors in a low stress environment. It's important to find safe environments in which your dog can be provided with exercise and enrichment where they cannot escape, other animals cannot interrupt them, and there are minimal potential triggers (e.g., startling noises)."

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