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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Will you still walk my dog in the rain/inclement weather? 

YES! Always. We do our very best to exercise and continue services even during inclement weather. We understand that often client's travel and we are the only opportunity for your pet to utilize the restroom and follow their routines. On rainy days for our daily clients, we are also prepared to provide enrichment through games and puzzles for your soggy pup after they handle "business." 


2. Will I have the same walker each day?

At your initial meet and greet, you are paired with ONE team member to primarily handle care for your pet. We do provide the option to elect a backup team member in case your primary staff member is unavailable for a service requested. 


3. How do I pay for services?

All online through our scheduling software Scout for Pets. Each Tuesday, Invoices and Payment will be sent for the previous week of services. You will be asked to upload a current form of payment before scheduling your first walk. 


4. How do you ensure keys/codes for home entry kept safe?

Each team member keeps keys locked securely when they are not in active use. All codes are kept safe without our Software Programming and are only accessible to your Primary Walker and upper Management in case of Emergencies. 


5. Are you Insured and Bonded?

Yes. We are Insured and Bonded through Pet Care Insurance, Inc. POLICY JN1222-PCI57315


6. Are your staff trained Pet Care Professionals?

Absolutely. Each staff member has passed a background check, provided references from previous Employers, and has been trained specifically for the Pet Care Industry. We provide monthly training on different aspects of Pet Care including: Pet CPR & First Aide, Harness and Leash Training, Behavioral Care and Fear Free Training. Continuing to Learn and Improve is a fundamental aspect of our Business Structure. 


7. What should I expect at my Complimentary Meet & Greet?

For any new onboarding client, a document will be sent to their emails before our arrival with prompted questions to ensure we provider the highest level of care possible. You can expect questions like "Where do you leave your leash/harness?" "How does your dog react to other people/animals on walks?" or "Where do you place full poop bags?" These meetings are very informative and detailed, so please plan for 30 minutes minimum for your consultation. 

8. Do you have any Partner Companies you Recommend?

Yes!! We are your one stop shop for all "Pet Info." We have a list of our preferred local partners in the area including our favorite Veterinarians, Groomers, Daycare/Boarding Sites, Trainers, Pet Shops, Treats, and Photography. This updated list is included in every new client meet and greet packet! 

Helpful Documents:

New Client Onboarding:

New Client Inquiry Form

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