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About Us

Most Trusted Pet Care Professionals

Golden Leash Pet Care strives to meet each of your individual needs. We believe that your family pet should be taken care of by a local, trusted professional based out of the area in which you live. We have experience with hundreds of clients, and can't wait to be your pet's new best friend. 

Meet Our Staff


Abby Fisher


Abby started Golden Leash Pet Care (originally named Abby’s Pet Services) in 2017 after pet sitting for local friends and neighbors. Abby’s background is based in Emergency Medicine with a specialization in Tactical Paramedicine. She eventually followed her passion of pet care, switched career paths and hasn’t “worked” a day since! Abby loves spending time with her clients and thrives in the dynamic business environment. She has a rescued Golden Shepherd named Ted, and a love for frozen yogurt.

What energizes you? “Meeting new people. Exercising. Inspiring others to follow their dreams. I have a pretty ambitious mentality so I enjoy setting goals and finding ways to achieve them.”

What is your passion? 

"Anything creative. I enjoy creative writing, crafting, reading.. anything that allows my mind to wander! I am also an avid runner. I am in the process of completing a full or half marathon in every state alongside my Husband,  Adam!” 


Lauren Lewiski 

Team Manager 

Lauren lives in Norristown, PA and has worked with animals in many capacities for multiple years. Lauren loves exercising and going above and beyond for her clients both human and 4-legged! Lauren has 2 dogs (which are instagram famous) named Brody & Bryce.

In Lauren's free time, she enjoys riding horses, cycling, and spending time with her husband, friends and family.


What is your passion?:

My passion is living life to the fullest and finding balance in all aspects of life!


What energizes you?:

Being active, being around people I love and, let's be real, Starbucks! 

Pet CPR & First Aid


Alex Neimetz

Team Manager 

Alex Neimetz is from Collegeville, PA. She works full-time as a Family Based Therapist.  Alex has a rescued black lab at home that she's had for several years. She has additional experience with rescue pups and animals with special needs. Alex has been Professionally dog walking for 5 years. In her free time, Alex enjoys working out- especially Crossfit and strongman! 

She has competed in several competitions & continues to grow as an athlete. Alex is a hard working and caring person that loves animals.


What is your passion?
"Helping people become their best selves both mentally and physically."


What energizes you?

"Working out and dogs energize me because they are both full of life and excitement!" 

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

Pet CPR & First Aid


Taylor Lu​tz

Taylor currently lives in Pheonixville, PA. She initially was introduced to Golden Leash Pet Care as a client for her dog Sophie. Taylor quickly fell in love with the company and became part of our team! 

What energizes you?

Fitness, animals, amazing food on the Phoenixville Main Street! 

What is your passion?

Helping others and problem solving. I thoroughly enjoy exercising with our 4-legged clients. 

Taylor's Favorite Client:

Shadow the Cat! 

Pet CPR & First

Aid Certified 

cat .jpg

Cat Dillman

Hi my name is Cat and I live in Norristown, PA. I have a cat named patches and 9 leopard geckos, and I also grew up having and caring for dogs. Dog walking and pet sitting is my main job that I’m focusing on, and I’m looking to have pet care be my long term job since I have a passion for animals. I also have 2 years of experience working in a dog boarding facility, and 2 years of experience working in a reptile/fish pet store before that! I also volunteer at a wildlife center which I help feed and take care of baby squirrels, opossums, even hawks, and many other animals!



What energizes you?


My friends, pets, family, and going for walks. Spreading positivity and being around good people!


What is your passion? 


My passion has always been helping and caring for animals. 

Pet CPR & First Aid

Jessica Friel

Jessica lives in King of Prussia, PA and is a digital artist and entrepreneur in the process of launching her fashion company. She lived with many pets growing up including caring for dogs, cats, chickens, and bees. She has a cat of her own, Drucilla, which she adopted as a feral kitten. In her free time she enjoys creative writing, interior design, nature walks, yoga and meditation.

What energizes you? -

Self care rituals, a fantasy synth playlist, and philosophical conversations that spark connection.

What is your passion? -

Living a plant based lifestyle, ethereal art, genuine expression of the self though internal work and helping others to do the same.

Pet CPR & First

Aid Certified 

emily .jpg

Emily Brach

Hi! My name is Emily and I live in Norristown with my little pup, Daisy. I also have 2 kitties, Lily and Leo so lots of fur babies to love! I am currently enrolled in a dog trainer program and can’t wait to begin training soon! I have experience with dog handling at  various shelters and dog daycares. I am very dedicated and responsible and treat all pups as if they were my own. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family and also doing research on dog behaviors. Of course I also love to binge watch tv shows and watching scary movies. 

  What energizes you? 

Caramel Iced coffee, and my pup who has very high energy! 

   What is your passion? 

My passion is learning and understanding all different types of dogs, and helping rescues find their furever home! 

Bridget Settles 

Bridget currently lives in Blue Bell, PA. She has 2 cats! 

1. What energizes me? Helping other people through fitness or psychological goal setting

2. What is my passion? Working out, hanging with family & my cats and training other people to learn more about health & wellness

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

Pet CPR & First
Aid Certified 

Ted Fisher, Mascot 

Ted is a retired gentleman from North Carolina. He is paid in milk bones to pose for photo shoots and rock Golden Leash Pet Care Apparel as an influencer. Other than being our "real life" mascot, our logo is a silhouette of Ted himself! 

What energizes Ted?

Naps. Country Music.

What is his passion?

Mom. Naps. Lunch Meat. Standing over Dad while he stretches on the floor. 

Amanda Friel 

Amanda is from Collegeville, PA and is currently a dietetic intern studying to be a dietitian. She lives with many animals, from 5 cats to chickens - and even bees! She especially loves cats and has 2 of her own, both strays that she took in named Carmen and Moo. She enjoys writing, collaging, yoga, snowboarding, and cooking.

What energizes you? - Great coffee, a funky playlist, and an early morning after a great night's sleep.

What is your passion? - Nutrition, movement, art, and anything that brings me closer to life. 

Pet CPR & First

Aid Certified 

Stephanie Berardelli

Stephanie lives in Worcester, Pa. For the last 35 years to present she works full time as a middle school counselor for the Methacton School District. Stephanie has 4 children ages 26 to 15, and 3 dogs, 2 Newfoundlands-Baloo and Yogi, and a Frenchie, Meech. In her free time she enjoys the beach, reading, exercising, going to her sons lax games, and attending Penn State football games…WE ARE…

What is your passion: My passion is being with kids and helping them to set and achieve goals. At the end of the day, animals are my therapy.

What energizes you: Being happy in life is not only contagious, but energizing☺️

Pet CPR & First AidCertified 

dani .jpg



Dani Cattani

Hi, I’m Dani and I live in Bridgeport, PA. I work full time as a massage therapist. I have two dogs, Rhett and Eevee. I enjoy walking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. 


What energizes you?

Coffee, energy drinks, being out in the sun, and a nice afternoon nap every now and then. 


What is your passion?

My passion is helping others. I never had a clear understanding of what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew if I was helping other people I would feel fulfilled.


Pet CPR & First AidCertified 

Venessa Polinski 

Hi! I’m Venessa and I live in Audubon with my husband, 3 children, and 2 fur babies Marley and Ziggy

Currently, I work part time for Methacton School District but prior to that I ran my own small pet care business. I’m very excited to get back out there and to meet some new furry friends! 

In my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, going to my kids sports events, soaking in as much sunshine as possible, and beach getaways! 


What is your passion? 

My passion is my family! I love making memories, spending quality time with them, taking too many pictures and just enjoying life together!


What energizes you? 

A great song, sunshine, and a mini dance party! It’s a great way to reset your soul

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

Cassandra Pollack


hali glpc.jpg

Hali Romeu

My name is Hali and I live in Royersford, PA. I’m a (proud) Aries, my favorite color is green and I’ve been a dog lover my entire life! I’ve joined Golden Leash Pet Care because it aligns with my values of enjoying life while working and providing the best care for our fur babies in a physically and mentally healthy way.


What energizes you?: Time spent with friends, rainy days, good music and all things spooky/fall related.


What is your passion?: Making genuine connections and forming bonds with people, human and animal rights advocacy and being Post Malone’s number one fan.

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

Cassandra Pollack currently lives in Gladwyne. She has several years of experience grooming and caring for dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. Cassandra is a mother of 3, runs a business that makes all-natural body care products and is working towards her BSN.


What energizes you? 








What is your passion? 

Implementing a growth mindset

Living with intention and gratitude

Family, health, and wellness


Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 


emily h website .heic

Emily Hassinger


I live in Philadelphia PA and I am a wedding planner. I worked for Abby in 2020 and am excited to be joining the team again! In my free time I like to be around friends and family! I enjoy all forms of traveling and being outdoors. I have two cats, Ralphie and Sadie

  1. What energizes you? Positive energy! I love being around people and sharing in on their positivity keeps me going - that and a great cup of coffee to start the day!

  2. What is your passion?  **you can check our website for a sample. Nachos and being kind to others



Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

Jill Texeira

Hi! My name is Jill! I’m a mom of two boys (6 and 8) I’ve been lucky to be a stay at home mom for the last 8 years but now with both boys being at school full time I’m able to do something for myself! I love running, biking, hiking, taking nature walks and being outside. And of course I love dogs! 

What energizes me? Coffee! Lol. And running! 

What is my passion? I’d say being with my family and friends. Spending quality time with the people who fill up my cup! 


Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

jill photo.jpeg
venessa .jpg


What our customers are saying:

"Fred and Bear have the BEST care team, at GLPC the boys get tender - loving- care from Steph, Abby and now Cat! The boys are always cared for perfectly and the reports generated after each visit are a man's best friend! As pet owners we NEVER have to worry about using this amazing service. We are so very happy!"



Fred & Bear

"Abby is just amazing. We got a 9 week old puppy in May and she made the transition back to work seamless. I was so worried how he would do the first couple days and Abby took my worries away and updated me constantly on his progress. Now, she is one of his favorite people! Trusting someone with your fur child is definitely a big deal and I am so happy I trusted Abby with Dexter. So thank you Abby!!!!"



"I never have to worry about my canine kids when I go to work because I know that Ashley is going to visit them on time and with a whole lot of love. In fact, Teddy is usually way more excited to see her than he is to see me. I recommend Golden Leash to everyone who loves their furbabies, way more than the hit-n-miss service you can get from Rover."


Brady & Truman


"The Golden Leash has been a fantastic find! We were searching for new pet care a few times per week for our dog Teaghen. She has not been the easiest dog with people that she doesn’t know so I was a bit nervous. 

We first met Amanda as the primary walker and she was (is) great! Teaghen loves her and she is competent and thorough. When she went on vacation, we had Alex and again I was nervous about a new person. But because the company has a very complete inter working system of information, it was seamless and our dog has another new friend to care for her. Recently a new team member Cat has come to walk our dog and once again not a worry…she knew what to do and how to greet our dog.  I would highly recommend The Golden Leash and we plan to continue to use their services."       -Barbara & Teaghen


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