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GLPC in the Community 

At Golden Leash Pet Care, we pride ourselves on being more than just a "service based" Company. We value our team,  our clients, and our community. It is our passion helping those around us in every way we know how. Get in touch today to see where we will be next! 

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We offer multiples options for Events and enjoy meeting new friends! Contact to inquire about our FREE events brought to your location. 

Please Meet our GLPC Nominated Pet of the Month: OREO!!! 

1. How old is your pet and how long have you been best friends? 

Oreo is ten months old. We have been best friends for the past 7 months but feels longer!

2. Pretend your pet was a human, describe their personality and job: 

Oreo is a very caring, affectionate, and a good listner. He loves lots of attention and it is always play time in his books! Oreo is always observing, taking mental notes of his toys and treats - qualities of a detective!

3. What is your pet’s “best, most favorite” thing? 

Bellyrubs and peanut butter (preferably both together)

4. What do you appreciate most about working with GLPC? 

All the personal care and attention the team provides Oreo (whether it is keeping up with his training, demands for bellyrubs and playtime, or learning new things). Oreo absolutely loves his time with everyone, and allows us to be worry free!

Nonination Ballet: 🩷

“I will never forget the first time I met Oreo, he was so shy and whimpering. Now when I visit him we are so excited to see each other! Since he was only a puppy we didn’t get to leave his apartment very much, but now we run around the hallways no problem! Oreo has grown so big, almost too big to fit on my lap anymore. I love watching him grow and come out of his comfort zone! “ 



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